Catahoula Suppressors


The lightest, quietest, and most accurate suppressors available today.

The word silencer doesn’t accurately define the benefits of a suppressor. At Piedmont Cartridge we call them Suppressors because they do much more than reduce sound.  Suppressors change the signature of a weapon and offer additional advantages. Our military uses stealth as an advantage, in addition to reducing the sound; the muzzle flash is suppressed to reduce visibility in low light. Suppressors also lower the pressure exiting the gun; this reduces the movement of leaves, water, as well as dust and sand when shooting from the prone position. Suppressors also reduce recoil.

Lightest:   The Piedmont Cartridge Suppressors feature a fully floating baffle that is precision machined to be completely symmetrical. They are available in titanium, aluminum and stainless steel to surpass your mission requirements.

Quietest: By applying the latest in design technology with two years of testing, the sound is suppressed and the sound frequency changed to offer the quietest designs on the market.  A 308 bolt action rifle can be shot indoors while producing reports that are hearing safe for the operator and bystanders.

Accurate: A completely symmetrical design and superior tolerances result in the most accurate suppressors on the market. Unlike most suppressors in the market these do not cause any bullet shift due to non-symmetrical designs and or poor tolerances.

Easy to clean: All Piedmont Cartridge Suppressors feature removable end cap and outer case allows complete access to the baffle system for cleaning. A clean suppressor is a quiet suppressor.

Available in Aluminum, Stainless and Titanium for .22 to .45 rifle and pistol calibers. These can come in the their natural metal color or can be cerakoted black or what every color you need. Rated for up to 3 full auto mag dumps. Custom suppressors also available. Need a suppressor for a belt fed .338? call us.

22 ss 2.jpg

.22 Stainless Steel

Available also in Aluminum and Titanium

1 x 6”

1/2x28 Thread

9mm aluminium 7.jpg

9mm Aluminum

Also shown is the booster requires on most pistols Available also in Titanium and Stainless Steel

1.3 x 7”

1/2x28 Thread

45 aluminium 8.jpg

.45 Aluminum

Also shown is the booster requires on most pistols Available also in Titanium and Stainless Steel

1.4 x 8”

37/64 x 28 (5.578 x 28) Thread

556 titanium 6.jpg

223/5.56 Titanium

Shown with standard and optional tactical end cap Available in Titanium and Stainless Steel

1.55” x 8.8”

1/2x28 Thread

AR with small 223 can.jpg

22/223/5.56 1x6” Stainless Steel

This is a smaller suppressor that is designed to remove the sharpness of the 223/5.56 round. It is a favorite of Police and is full auto rated.

1 x 6”

1/2x28 Thread

please staND BY.png

30 Cal Titanium

These are the basis for the the 30 caliber, 308, 300, 9mm and 9x39 suppressors. Also available in Stainless Steel/

1.55” x 6.75” or 1.55” x 8”

1/2 x 28 or 3/8 x 24 threading

(Updated Picture Coming)