Why Cant I buy from your site?

Sorry, but our ISP and Merchant services company will no longer allow the sales of firearms or firearms parts to be sold. We are in the process of moving to another ISP and merchant services company. However it is requiring complete redesign of the site. Please stay tuned. You are welcome to call the shop and order anything you need via the phone.

Why do your 9x39 barrels require a shorter gas system and other manufactures do not?

A few things. First we used drawings provided by the ammunition manufacturer in Russia for the barrels and rifling. We did an extensive amount of testing and a pistol gas system did not perform reliably. The same thing happened on the AK platform. We had to move the gas post way closer to the chamber.

Why is the 9x39 suppressor available in aluminum - is it safe?

Yes it is safe. the 9x39 subsonic round is a very low pressure round. it si well withing the tolerances to use an aluminum suppressor. As a matter of fact we use an aluminum suppressors on the the Full Auto AK (Ventorez AK) and it has held up very well through both testing and multiple demo days.

Are your solid copper bullets suppressor safe?    

YES.  Our bullets are machined from solid copper and are designed with suppressor use in mind.  With the variety and quality of guns and barrels on the market, it is best to test the stability of the bullets prior to installation of the suppressor. 

Why don't your bullets expand on wet newspaper or phone books?

Our solid copper bullets are designed to be barrier blind.  Wet newsprint and phone books were used in the past to initiate the expansion of lead cored bullets as they penetrate the barrier.  Our solid copper bullets are designed to expand or fracture when they encounter soft tissue (water).  Our bullets are designed to penetrate barriers such as auto glass, sheet metal, wood, clothing and bone, making them excellent for hunting, law enforcement or self defense.