Starting back in 2014, innovative partners Ralph Infanti and Barry Gunn started Piedmont Cartridge with a multi-year plan as well as special design projects for various clients. Currently, they are manufacturing solid copper ammunition, complete rifles based on the AR15 platform, integrated suppressed uppers, and fulfilling import/export orders. 

 Barry has been in the firearms business for about 10 years giving with a large portion of that in manufacturing  Ralph comes from a business, sales, manufacturing and accounting background which allows him to develop, bring to market and launch new products. Both have been avid shooters since childhood, and are fulfilling the American dream.

 As a company, they believe in serving their customers by exceeding their expectations.  Barry often kids with Ralph by telling him is quite hospitable for a northerner.  Ralph then replies that he still likes Barry even though he has a few cats for pets.  Ralph has a number of Catahoula leopard dogs - but no cats.

Both of them volunteer with civic and charitable organizations and can often be seen driving military vehicles in parades.